“MATT BAKER’s FARM OF A LIFETIME” (w/t) (the “Programme”)


  1. You must be aged 18 or above on Thursday 13th October 2022.
  2. You must be a resident of the UK (including Isle of Man and Channel Islands).
  3. You must be available to attend a site visit to Gallows Hill Farm in Northumberland on either 14th or 15th November 2022 (Big Circus Media will notify you of the exact dates if you are selected) to learn more about the farm, the tenancy and the television series. You must be able to commit to both of these dates and you will be responsible for arranging and paying for your own travel and accommodation to Northumberland for this visit.
  4. Selected applicants who attended the site visit will be invited to take part in the next stage of the application process which will include completing a second application form with further details about background, undergo financial checks and providing a business plan. Applicants will be required to film and submit to Big Circus Media (Big Circus) a short video about themselves and may be required to take part in a recorded video call with Big Circus.
  5. If subsequently you are shortlisted to take part in the Programme, you will be required to take part in a three week residential selection process which will be filmed, and which is planned to take place in March 2023 (if you are selected Big Circus will notify of the exact dates). During this time you will be required to live away from home in Northumberland at accommodation arranged and paid for by Big Circus and to take part in farming-based challenges. Additional filming dates may be added in discussion with you.
  6. As well as the periods required for the application and casting processes, you must be able to commit to all the filming days required for the production of the Programme, which is currently anticipated to fall between 20th February and 26th March 2023. Should your application be successful, Big Circus will confirm the arrangements for filming and the relevant dates nearer the time. In addition to the filming schedule at the farm, you must be willing and able to spend time filming with Big Circus at your current place of work and/or at your home for “backstory” filming.
  7. You understand that if you are successful in your application and you are selected to take on the tenancy of the farm, you will be expected to enter into a 10-year legal tenancy agreement directly with the National Trust which will include paying rent and complying with the terms of the tenancy commencing on or around 13th May 2023.
  8. The lease and all rent payments form no part of the Programme and will be the sole responsibility of the tenant. If you are selected and you take on the tenancy of the farm, it will be your sole responsibility to pay the rent to the National Trust. The relationship between the National Trust and the selected tenant will be the usual landlord/tenant relationship including all relevant obligations and liabilities, and neither Big Circus nor Channel 4 shall have any liability whatsoever in respect of the tenancy.
  9. You must have some experience and/or qualification in working with livestock and you agree to provide evidence of such experience and/or qualification on request. All applicants must be able to provide an up-to-date CV to support their application.
  10. All information supplied by you as part of the application for the Programme (including in relation to any criminal charges, convictions or proceedings) must be true and accurate and you shall not withhold any information where it is requested.
  11. At any stage of the application process, you agree to authorise Big Circus or the National Trust to conduct background checks on you (including anyone who would be living at the farm with you) in order to verify any of the information you have supplied, and you agree to provide Big Circus with any assistance or further information necessary to do this. If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that any information you provide is untrue or inaccurate, Big Circus has the right to suspend, terminate or delete your application. These checks may include a DBS check and checks on all your social media accounts.
  12. You also agree that the National Trust may also conduct a comprehensive referencing process in order to assess your suitability for the farm tenancy and you shall assist with this process. These checks will include without limitation: the verification of your ID and CV experience; verification of your stated income and liabilities; obtaining satisfactory references and reviewing your past credit history.
  13. You also agree that Big Circus may carry out health checks (including for example tests for COVID-19) as necessary, to ensure that you are fit to take part in the Programme, as well as any live interview during the application process. You also agree that Big Circus may carry out a psychological assessment.
  14. You also agree that if requested, you will give permission for Big Circus and/or National Trust representatives to visit your current farm or place of business and discuss you with any current or previous employers, for the purposes of assessing your suitability to participate in the tender process and the Programme.
  15. The information obtained for the purposes of these various background checks will be treated as confidential and shall be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy and will not be included in the Programme, unless it is something you raise separately during the filming process.
  16. If Big Circus, the National Trust or Channel 4 reasonably consider that your participation in the Programme could in any way bring us, the National Trust or Channel 4 into disrepute then we may choose not to consider your application.
  17. When you make your application, you must not work (nor have worked in the last 6 months) for Big Circus, The National Trust or Channel 4 or any affiliate of either. However, if you are a current tenant of the National Trust then you are eligible to enter. In addition, you must not be a close relative (for example, mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister) or close friend of anyone who is an employee or contractor of Big Circus or Channel 4, or anyone working on, appearing in or connected with the Programme.
  18. All decisions regarding the application and interview process and the selection of applicants for the Programme are entirely at the discretion of Big Circus, the National Trust and Channel 4 and any such decisions shall be final and non-contestable.
  19. You warrant that any material submitted by you as part of your application, in whatever form, including any written material, photographs and videos (“Material”):
    – is genuine and accurate and original to you;
    – has not been copied or reproduced from any published source, tangible or electronic;
    – does not infringe the copyright or any other right of any third party;
    – is not defamatory, blasphemous, obscene or in contempt of court; and
    – does not breach any contract, duty of confidence or right of privacy.
  20. Your participation in and compliance with the application process does not in any way constitute an agreement with or an undertaking by Big Circus for you to appear in the Programme. Big Circus has no obligation to produce the Programme and even if the Programme is produced there is no obligation on Big Circus, Channel 4 or any other party to broadcast or transmit or otherwise exploit, promote, publicise or advertise the Programme or to include you in the Programme.
  21. You must at all times keep all information about the application process for the Programme and/or the Programme itself strictly confidential and must not give anyone any information or material or make any public statement or publish any photographs at any time by any means (including on blogs, websites and/or social networking platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.) about the application or production process and/or the Programme or any other person involved in such processes. This confidentiality obligation applies and continues whether or not you are selected to take part in the Programme or whether you are or remain actively involved in the Programme. You are not permitted to respond to any approach from the press or anyone else enquiring about the application or production process, anyone else involved in the process and/or anything about the Programme and will refer any such enquiries immediately to Big Circus.
  22. Big Circus can only accept application forms either online via the application website or with a postal application form which will be sent out on request. Big Circus will not accept email applications.
  23. The deadline for applications is 23:59 hours on Sunday 30th October 2022 (or such other date as Big Circus may determine) (the “Deadline”). If you have not heard from a member of the Big Circus team by phone or email by 23:59 hours on Monday 7th November 2022, then unfortunately your application has been unsuccessful.
  24. You can at any time request that your application be withdrawn/deleted by: (a) writing to us at Big Circus, 254 High Street, Berkhamsted, HP4 1AQ; or (b) sending an email (provided, in the case of an online application, such email is sent by you from the email account with which you made your registration), with the subject heading ‘Delete my Application’ to farmapplication@bigcircus.co.uk giving your full name as it appears on your application. Please note that if your application is withdrawn/deleted prior to the Deadline you will not be considered as a potential participant in the Programme unless you make a further application prior to the Deadline, nor will you be able to use the Application Website unless you register again.
  25. You must only set up one log-in to the Application Website and can only apply once to the Programme. If Big Circus believes that any applicant has created more than one log-in or that an applicant has submitted more than one application, Big Circus may decide not to consider that applicant to take part in the Programme.
  26. If you are assisting or making an application on behalf of someone else (including if you are applying as a couple/partnership), you must have their permission before submitting the application and all consents contained within the application must be given by the relevant applicant themselves.
  27. If you have made an application by post, you agree that Big Circus may copy, adapt, take extracts from and/or upload your application onto its computer systems and/or websites controlled by Big Circus including without limitation the application website. The use of such information on the application website shall be governed by the Privacy Policy.
  28. You understand that Big Circus may share your application, where necessary, with the National Trust and or Channel 4 as governed by the Privacy Policy.
  29. By submitting your Application Form you warrant that you have read, understood and accepted these Rules of Entry and the Privacy Policy, that you agree to any Special Category and/or Criminal Record Data you provide being processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy and that you are eligible to participate in the Programme.
  30. If you are requested to participate in a recorded video call for the Programme, you will be asked to sign a Video Call Release Form, which governs your participation in that call(s).
  31. If you are chosen to participate in the Programme, you will be asked to sign a Contributor Release Form, which governs the terms of your participation in the Programme including the Rules of Entry and grants to Big Circus (and its licensees and assignees) all necessary rights and consents for the full period of copyright (and afterwards so far as possible in perpetuity) to copy, edit and/or use at their sole discretion the product of your contribution to the Programme (including the application and casting process) by any means and in any and all now known or hereafter invented throughout the world in perpetuity.
  32. Big Circus reserves the right to make changes to these Rules of Entry and/or the Deadline at any time.